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More Diesel, Hybrid Vehicles Registered in United States

ID-100131160When it comes to diesel, American drivers have never quite shown the same interest as European drivers, but new stats are showing that trend is changing.

New data from R. L. Polk and Company shows that clean diesel registrations went up almost 25 percent from 2010 to 2012, hitting 796,794 in 2012. Texas, California, and Florida had the most diesel registrations during that time, and in the United States, there are currently 6.65 million registered diesel vehicles. During that same period, hybrid vehicle registrations also soared with over a 25 percent increase, coming out to 2,290,903 hybrid vehicles.

Car makers have offered more diesel and hybrid versions of their popular models in recent years, so there is a “chicken-or-the-egg” question of whether automakers are going with a trend or if buyers are responding to more availability of diesel and hybrid vehicles.

We want to hear from you, our readers. If automakers started making a diesel or hybrid version of your favorite vehicle, would you head out to a dealership for a test drive? Leave a comment below and sound off!

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Image courtesy of supakitmod / FreeDigitalPhotos.net