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Mystery Man Asks Internet to Buy Him a Lamborghini

ga_lp550-2_ov1_1920x1080Only in the internet age would someone have the gall to crowd source the purchase of a Lamborghini.

This week, Yahoo! Autos and Jalopnik picked up on the story of a car enthusiast who wants the internet to pay for his Lamborghini. His fundraising goal is $300,000, though he states on his website HelpMeGetALambo.com that he doesn’t know exactly how much he will need. He wants to raise enough to pay for the car, taxes, and a year’s worth of gas, maintenance, and other various costs.

Unlike other Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaigns, Lambo Guy does not offer any incentives for donating. He promises that people who donate will receive, “Absolutely nothing, except satisfaction.” He also makes a vague promise to donate any remaining money to charity, though he hasn’t chosen a charitable organization yet, and says he will “use the car for some good.”

“I’d like to use it for local charity events,” he explains, “bring it so kids can sit in the car or go for a ride, auction off rides in it, etc.”

Despite the media coverage, though, the internet car community seems less than interested in paying for someone else’s Lamborghini. So far, he has only raised $163.99. If I had to guess, people aren’t donating because his plan has so many holes in it. He is trying to make himself and his cause more sympathetic with the charity angle, but he doesn’t even know what charity he will support. Besides that, people donate to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns because they will get something out of it, whether if it is supporting an artistic endeavor or supporting a higher cause than “I want a new car.”

When Lambo Guy is ready to wake up to reality, Car Buyerz would be ready and happy to help him get a car that he can afford with his own funds.

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