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Survey: Consumers Expect Apple, Google to Improve Auto Safety

54061v1-max-250x250When you hear the words “auto safety,” what pops into your mind? It seems like people would associate automakers with auto safety, but a new survey shows that more consumers are thinking of Apple and Google.

The survey conducted by CarSafetyRules.com asked 1,000 new car buyers in the United Kingdom which brands they expected to improve auto safety. Out of the respondents, 26 percent of women chose Apple, and 23 percent of men chose Google. Volvo was tied with Google amongst men, and it was only 1 of 2 automakers named in the survey. Volvo scored 17 percent of the women surveyed, and 20 percent of men and 14 percent of women responded Mercedes.

It isn’t all that surprising that Google ranks so high in the survey. There has been a lot of talk in the past year about Google working on a self-driving car, so it is only natural that people are associating Google with auto safety technology. It is surprising, though, that Apple is ranking so high. I can only imagine that people believe Apple can do anything, including making cars safer. Considering Apple’s distinctive look, I could picture them making the transition to auto design and technology.

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