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IIHS Releases Video Series on Vehicle Crash Testing

iihs_logoIf you’ve ever wondered what it is like to run vehicle crash tests, wonder no more.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety will be releasing a series of videos showing real vehicle testing at their Vehicle Research Center in Ruckersville, Virginia. 3 episodes are currently available on the IIHS YouTube Page, and a new video will be posted every Tuesday through June and up to early July.

So far, the videos are well produced and oddly mesmerizing. The crash testing process is really amazing to watch from a scientific perspective, and as a consumer, it is comforting to know just how much these vehicles are put through their paces to determine their safety. Every scenario is considered and played out in a controlled environment so that when a real accident happens, the driver and passengers are kept as safe from harm as possible.

The full series of videos is available here, and the IIHS also has additional videos for sale on their website addressing topics from teen drivers to child safety in a vehicle.

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